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Feel free to contact us to submit  your needs. We may help you to make thing happens! When I put my fingers on a software project I accept nothing less than that software becomes one of the best availble on the market. Just submit us your needs, and we willl contat you in a short time. 

Would you like to invite me to hold a Conference/Webcast on  Asp.net Core Mvc or Asp.net Core Mvc Controls Toolkit? Submit here your request

My backGround

I worked in Asp.net since the beginning of the .Net adventure. I am the author of the well known "Mvc Controls Toolkit" first on google under "Mvc Controls" and of the "Data Moving Mvc Controls Suite". I am Microsoft MVP for Asp.netIIIS(an Asp.net elite of less than 300 people all over the world), and my blog(this blog) is among the firsts under several keywords on Google.

Previously, I worked in the Video Games field. My company implemented an Europ top ten video game (Puma Street Soccer). I worked also with decision support systems. My company implemented one of the first software tools in Europ for the automatic analysis of loans and leasing requests (ELease).

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