Oct 31 2016

#aspnetcore #MvcControlsToolkit new 1.1.4 version ready

Category: Francesco @ 23:43

Today we released the new 1.1.4 version of the  asp.net core Mvc Controls Toolkit, with new amazing advanced controls: immediate grids, batch grids, pagers, detail forms, auto-complete, and widget fallbacks for all Html5 inputs, type=”color” included. Start playing live with them! and then:  Download example project and install the toolkit on it (perform just steps 1-4, since startup class and Layout view are already configured).

All controls are templated, and templates may be changed both locally to a single instance, locally to a whole controller, and globally. It is the first controls suite where complex controls like templated edit-in-line controls are specified completely with TagHelpers. It contains also customizable ready to use Crud controllers and repositories.

In a short time a full featured documentation web site and a lot of tutorials and video, in the meantime, please use the explanation in the live examples web site and the example project to figure out how to use the core toolkit.


enjoy and stay tuned!