Sep 1 2013

Data Moving Plug-in new Single Page Application View Engine

Category: Francesco @ 22:28

The Data Moving Plug-in will be available for purchase in a few days. The final version comes with an advanced Single Page Application view engine that handles automatically virtual pages and virtual links. Virtual pages may be connected to the browser history, so the user may navigate among the virtual pages with the back and forward browser buttons and may be stored in a page store to keep their state so that when the user return back to the same virtual page he find it in exactly the same state he left it. Thus the Data Moving Plug-in Single Page Application View Engine enables the developer to implement web application that behave like native windows application.

The SPA framework includes also an authorization framework that co-ordinate the virtual pages and views framework with the standard authorization system. If a user can't access a virtual page it is automatically redirect to the login virtual page.

Not only Views but also AMD modules are built dynamically by Mvc controllers using razor views so that their content may depend on context-related information, such as selected language and logged user. Moreover, this way javascript data structures may be created by serializing their equivalent .Net data structures, thus avoiding the duplication of code in both javascript and .Net.

Context rules specified with a simple syntax by the developer in javascript files supervision the addition of parameters to the AMD and template calls to the server to adapt them to the context (logged user, selected language, etc.) and define virtual page redirection rules that adapt the navigation to the current context (user authorizations, and global application state).

A preliminary tutorial on the Data Moving Plug-in new Single Page Application View Engine is available on the blog of the Data Moving Plug-in web site. Below a video that shows the SPA view engine working: