Jun 19 2013

The Code of all Data Moving Plug-in Examples is Available on Codeplex

Category: Francesco @ 05:09

The code of all Data Moving Plug-in examples shown in all previous videos and tutorials is available on the Data Moving Plug-in Examples Codeplex site. All examples require the installation of the Data Moving Plug-in, so at moment only the ones that received an evaluation or complimentary copy of the Data Moving Plug-in may run them. However, it is interesting in any case to inspect the full code for anyone who already read a tutorial or watched a video  about the Data Moving Plug-in.

The Data Moving Plug-in will be available for purchase at the beginning of september and will contain also a complete SPA framework. In the meantime give  a look to the Data Moving Plug-in web site.

For any clarification, please don’t esitate to contact me with the contact form of this blog.


The Data Moving Plug-in Team is Looking for resellers, see here for more details.